Maria Dobrovolskaya

Leading Researcher, Department of Theory and Methodology, Institute of Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Hist. (2002, Institute of Archaeology, RAS); Cand. Biol. (1988, Institute/Museum of Anthropology, Moscow State University); Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Biology, Moscow State University (1983). Staff member of the Institute/Museum of Anthropology, Moscow State University (1983–1990); since 1990 on permanent staff of the Institute of Archaeology, RAS. Taught at the History Faculty, Moscow State Pedagogical University (since 2004). Member of the Russian Division of the European Anthropological Association. Member of the European Society for the Study of Human Evolution. Editorial board member for OPUS (journal for interdisciplinary studies in archaeology) and KSIA (Brief Reports of the Archaeology Institute). Scholarly interests: historical ecology of humans, paleodietological and bioarchaeological reconstructions through anthropological data, paleodemography.