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Ot sostavitelia

[From the Editor]

Type of publication: Editor's Introduction

About author(s)

Anatolii Khazanov | khazanov@wisc.edu | Arctic Anthropology Research Group | University of Wisconsin (Madison, USA)


mobile livestock keepers, nomadism, economic reform, post-communist countries, central asia, north, siberia, cattle-breeding, reindeer husbandry, russia


The note introduces the special theme of the issue focusing on economic, social, and cultural change among mobile livestock keepers in post-communist countries, and presents the contributions by N.N. Kradin, L.M. Baskin, P.A. Gray, A.Z. Zaparov, and J. Janzen.


Khazanov, A.M. 2016. Ot sostavitelia [From the Editor]. Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 2: 5-7

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