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"Rays of Hope in the Kingdom of Darkness": Social Dividends of Migrants in Gender Perspective

Type of publication: Research Article

About author(s)

A.V. Tolstokorova | alicetol@yahoo.com


Ukrainian labour migrants, transnational families, social transfers, social dividends


The main goal of this study is to examine social implications of labour migration for migrants, their families left behind at home and Ukrainian society at large. To reach this broader goal the paper pursues a narrower objective of studying migrants’ “social transfers” and their impact on daily practices of transnational families. The paper argues that in reference to migrants themselves, in contrast to members of their families, it makes sense to speak about “social dividends” (SD) rather than “social transfers”, understanding them as an added social value of migratory experience in the form of non- monetary remittances of migrants: social, ethical, cultural, educational, civic, esthetic, etc., used for personal development and wellbeing and not necessarily sent or brought back home. The paper identifies the inventory of SD, covering personal development SD, cultural-esthetic and spiritual SD, world- view and civic SD, SD of healthy way of life and dividends of gender equality.


Tolstokorova, A.V. 2013. “Rays of Hope in the Kingdom of Darkness”: Social Dividends of Migrants in Gender Perspective. Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 5: 140-153

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