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How Lovely, How Fresh Were the Roses…

[Kak khoroshi, kak svezhi byli rozy…]

DOI: https://doi.org/10.31857/S0869541523050056


Type of publication: Research Article

Submitted: 17.06.2023

Accepted: 01.09.2023

About author(s)

Mikhail Kryukov | 32liukefu@163.com | Academia Europaea; Royal Anthropological Society of Great Britain and Ireland (Moscow, Russia; Beijing, China)


history of ethnography, Institute of Ethnography, USSR Academy of Sciences, Ancient China, kinship systems, theories of Morgan and Engels, fieldwork


The author – doctor of historical sciences, an honorary member of Academia Europaea and the Royal Anthropological Society of Great Britain and Ireland – shares his autobiographical recollections about the life and career in Soviet/Russian anthropological academia, research and fieldwork, colleagues and friends, work for the journal “Sovetskaia etnografiia” (currently, “Etnograficheskoe obozrenie”), as well as the vicissitudes of academic life at the Institute of Ethnography (currently, the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences).


Kriukov, M.V. 2023. Kak khoroshi, kak svezhi byli rozy… [How Lovely, How Fresh Were the Roses…]. Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 5: 63–95.  ttps://doi.org/10.31857/S0869541523050056 EDN: YEAOIG

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