Vadim Trepavlov

Chief Researcher, Institute of Russian History, Russian Academy of Sciences; Director, Center for the Study of History of Peoples of Russia and Interethnic Relations

Dr. Hist. (History Faculty, Ural State University, Sverdlovsk). Scholarly interests: formation of Russian multinational state; national policy and ethnic relations in Russia; patterns in development of empires and multiethnic societies; history of peoples of Russia (with emphasis on Povolzhie, Siberia, and Northern Caucasus) as well as of Kazakhstan and Central Asia in 13-18th centuries. Author of over 300 works including books on: The State Order of the 13th Century Mongolian Empire (Мoscow, 1993); The Nogai in Bashkiria; the 15-17th Centuries (Ufa, 1997); A History of the Nogai Horde (Мoscow, 2001); “White Tsar”: The Image of the Monarch and Notions of Subjects among peoples of Russia in the 15-18th Centuries (Мoscow, 2007); Turkic Peoples of the Medieval Eurasia (Kazan, 2011); Siberian Yurt after Yermak (Мoscow, 2012).